Speed Dial feature element

By Opera Software

From Opera 15 onward, Opera 11 & 12’s extension format is no longer supported, and instead, we’ve switched to Chromium’s extension model. Check out our new documentation for developing extensions for Opera 15 and higher and start building your own extensions.


A feature request by the extension to have its content displayed in a Speed Dial cell. It requires one parameter, the url parameter, as a param child element. The feature element is defined in the W3C Widgets specification.

A developer must make a Speed Dial feature request in order to display content from within an extension in a Speed Dial cell.

For backward compatibility and to support user agents that don't have a speed dial, a developer should make sure their extension works without requiring the Speed Dial feature request. This is achieved by setting the required attribute of the feature element to false, as shown in the following example.


  • name: Name of feature request; the value for Opera Speed Dial is opera:speeddial.
  • required: Boolean; false indicates that Speed Dial is not required for the extension to run.


This example shows how to use the Speed Dial feature name in a Speed Dial feature request:

<!-- config.xml -->
<feature name="opera:speeddial" required="false">

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