MAMA: Acknowledgments

By Brian Wilson

I could not have have gotten MAMA to where it is now without a lot of help. The following people get many thanks for their numerous contributions. Despite the best efforts of the following esteemed personages, any errors that remain are entirely my fault.

  • My managers at Opera: Anthony Nichols, Ola Peter Kleiven, and Snorre Grimsby
    (And by proxy others in the Opera command chain) for giving me the freedom (and especially the time) to grow this project to its current state.
  • Rene Saarsoo, Ian Hickson, and Dagfinn Parnas
    For having done something like this before. Extra special thanks to Rene Saarsoo for his input and discussions on many of the issues involved. Extra, extra special thanks to Ian Hickson for always providing an ear when I had an idea or three to bounce around.
  • Thomas Pike
    For being my go-to MySQL kung-fu master, physical hands in Oslo, and "mama to the MAMA machine". I have learned and continue to learn oodles from you in many areas.
  • Bjørn Vermo, Christer Mjellem Strand, Joen P. Olsen, Jesper Noehr
    For providing machine resources and other assistance at all hours.
  • Kazunori Otomo, Tim Altman, Jonny Axelsson, Mark Wilton-Jones, Hallvord R. M. Steen, Sigbjørn Vik, Falguni Bhuta, Susan Britt Nichols, and Chris Mills
    For important and critical feedback when necessary, and for the patience when I would bug them about little bits and pieces of the write-up as things progressed.
  • Charles McCathieNevile, Herman Robak, Lars Erik Bolstad, Lars Thomas Hansen, Yngve N. Pettersen
    And the countless others at Opera I have pestered at Opera over the years looking for feature requests.
  • Olivier Théreaux, Karl Dubost, and Philip (author of the Nikita the Spider tool)
    For key discussions and commentary on the W3C markup validator.
  • Christopher Diggins
    Who wrote a simple, public-domain JavaScript tokenizer that I stumbled across. I hacked it apart, mangled it, destroyed it, and subsequently re-wrote it in Perl to add a crude-ish, first-generation JavaScript grokking mechanism to MAMA.
  • Family and friends
    For doing initial rough editing even if they sometimes did not understand what I was talking about. =)
  • And my amazing wife
    For the love, patience, and cookies (the yummy kind) that fill my life to overflowing.

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