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opera.contexts.menu.addItem() and MenuItem.addItem()

This documentation relates to Opera's now deprecated .oex Extension API framework for Opera versions <= 12.15 and also provided by our OEX2NEX shim library.

For the latest Opera Extensions API documentation for Opera versions > 12.15 please consult the latest Opera Extensions API documentation online.


This method adds a MenuItem to the context menu or a context menu item. The optional before parameter can be specified to indicate where in the menu the item should be added. To create a MenuItem see the createItem() method.



void addItem (<MenuItem> item, optional <MenuItem> before)

void addItem (<MenuItem> item, optional long before)


The example below creates and adds an item to the context menu. When it's clicked, the current page's URL is shown in the console.

  The configuration file ('config.xml').
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<widget xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets">
    <feature name="opera:contextmenus"/>
// The background process (e.g. index.html)

// Check the Context Menu API is supported
if (opera.contexts.menu) {
  var menu = opera.contexts.menu;
  // Create a menu item properties object
  var itemProps = {
    title: 'Context Menu Example',
    onclick: function(event) {
      console.log('Menu item clicked on ' + event.pageURL);

  // Create a menu item with the specified properties
  var item = menu.createItem(itemProps);
  // Add the menu item to the context menu